About Us


vivek negi

"Viveknegi.com is dedicated towards finding new & innovative ways to create wealth through investment into financial markets. We believe if you are not born rich, there are only two ways to become rich i.e. either through business or through investments. It is said that more risk more profit but our philosophy says maximum gain with calculated risk. Our team is continuously involved into research to find the best investment ideas & formulas to create wealth.

We are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in the field of financial services. Every task is carried out by a team of highly qualified & experienced professionals like MBA, CA, CS and other market professionals who are well known in the market through media (electronic & print) for their unforgettable contribution. We keep ourselves involved in searching out the innovative models to make money in the stock markets. We believe money can be made only through proper discipline and accurate knowledge. Analysts working with our company are well equipped with the knowledge and tested & upgraded from time to time. We also impart knowledge with the investors and traders associated with us by conducting seminars, workshops and investor camps from time to time."


"Viveknegi.com is established with a commitment to see “India of Tomorrow” yet to maintain ethical standards in the business and not to compromise on service quality. Viveknegi.com is now aspiring to become one of the leading financial services company in India by innovating new methods of wealth creation for its clients & associates. Build upon “Knowledge is money” philosophy it can now boast to have near the entire products spectrum in financial services, including financial education."

Our Vision

“We have a vision to become largest company in the world which is creating wealth for its investors through innovating new models & ideas to create wealth in financial markets.”

Our Mission

“Our ultimate mission is to create a world of financially free and financially intelligent people.”

Our Belief

“Knowledge is Money”.

“If you are born poor it’s not your mistake; but if you are dead poor it’s no one else’s mistake”.

“If you are not born rich, only business & investments can make you rich”.

“Investment & Financial Planning is one of the must do things in life”.

“The biggest risk of your life is that you don’t take any risk”.

“Let your money work for you & you enjoy your life.”